What You May Not Know About PatronManager’s Client Community

Are you using PatronManager to the fullest? We’ve built our interactive Client Community to make sure you’re always in the know about all of our features, system updates, and more. It’s the place for you to get answers to all of your questions, consult and connect with peers, and influence the future of PatronManager.

Read on for an overview of the full power of the Client Community!

A hub for all your resources

The Community houses PatronManager’s entire knowledge base and helps you quickly find the answers you need. In the Community, you can access quick answer articles that cover common questions on everything from reporting to error messages. We’re writing new articles every day so that all of our team’s expert knowledge is at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

And with so much content, you need an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Use the global search bar to find quick answer articles and relevant discussions. Plus, the Help Tab (your tried-and-true PatronManager manual) is always available if you need support for more specific system questions. There, you’ll find the instructions you need to administer your system, access live and recorded webinars, and complete your structured learning programs.

The Community is also the place for you to manage your organization’s support cases from start to finish. You can define and update the priority to let us know the level of urgency of your question, then monitor the progress of your case through to resolution. You’ll be able to quickly see your and your colleagues’ open cases, as well as reference information from past cases all in one place. No more searching your inbox!

Connect with similar organizations in the Community Forum

As a PatronManager client, you’re part of an incredible community of organizations from around the world, and you can connect with them all in the Community Forum! Ask questions, share industry best practices, get hot tips about using PatronManager and Salesforce, and more. Having trouble with a new custom field? Wondering how other organizations handle their fundraising efforts? Want to crowdsource ideas for managing your membership program or how to get your patrons to their seats faster? Ask in the Community Forum! Some clients have been using PatronManager for over a decade, and they have invaluable insight into PatronManager, Salesforce, and the nonprofit arts industry as a whole.

As an added benefit, someone else may have already found a solution to the challenges you face – take advantage of their knowledge quickly! When you search in the Community, you’ll see existing conversation threads. If someone else has run into your same question, the answer may already be there. Or you can ask a new question to your peers. By asking and answering questions, you’re building a collective knowledge base for everyone. 

Through our Community, you may even form some new friendships that can benefit your organization in even deeper ways. You’ll find that your peers are eager to support one another not only through chatting in the Community Forum, but also by getting together on a Zoom call every now and then, sharing training materials they’ve developed, and more. This global network of support is a unique benefit of being a PatronManager client; your peers are excited to connect with you!

Suggest a Product Idea and influence PatronManager development

Your voice is integral to PatronManager’s development process, and we’ve created a way for you to engage directly with our Product Team to help them shape the future of our product and features. You can suggest a new Product Idea, upvote existing ones, and plug your ideas into the Community Forum so other clients can upvote them, too. By sharing your thoughts with us, you’re helping make PatronManager better for everyone.

Product Ideas also give you a look into PatronManager’s development plans. View suggestions from Community users just like you and sort them by status, giving you a sneak peek into features that are planned for the future or currently in development. Check the list of released Ideas to see suggestions that are now live in PatronManager, with a quick link to the release notes for more information on each. You’ll also see all the Ideas submitted by your organization, with statuses that update automatically to indicate where they are within the product development cycle. You never have to wonder what happened to your suggestion again!

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