Summer Project Numero Uno: E-List Building

I’m guessing that many of you are finding time this summer to do things that you’ve been putting off. Me too.

I had promised many of you who attended my seminars this spring that I’d be revising my book Sign-Up for Culture: The Arts Marketer’s Guide to Building an Effective E-mail List with some new case studies and updated research. I’ve been working on it for months, but you know how that goes. The good news is that with the summer in full swing we’re actually getting it done, and it should be ready to ship in about two weeks.

Since it’s the summer, perhaps the timing is good for you to think about how you’ll be building your own e-mail list next season. In the book, I note that the average growth rate for e-mail mailing lists for all of our clients in the last year was 50%. That’s a pretty decent number – how does that stack up with your experience? 

If you’re feeling that you need some inspiration, I’ve added a case study from the Alvin American Dance Theater who followed an approach I outline in the book to build their e-mail lists during their performances. Here’s a quick summary: 

…. the first year we did this [collecting e-mail addresses at our annual run in New York], we collected 20,426 new addresses in just those five weeks. This year the total was 18,626 – and 95% of those names were new!

Since beginning this list-building campaign two years ago, Ailey has grown its list from 12,000 names to 67,000, a whopping 458% increase!

I offer 21 ideas for building your e-mail lists in the book, and if you’d like, you can pre-order the new version of the book by clicking  here and you’ll have it very soon.

And if you’re interested in one-on-one training and guidance, we are working with clients in in a consulting capacity to help them build their lists, and we’d be glad to speak with you about that as well.

All in all, if you’re putting your plans in place for next season, add "Build my e-mail list" to your to-do list. In my view, there are few things as important. 

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