Arts Conferences Cheat Sheet: Six Questions We Hope You Ask

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Ours is an industry that desperately needs community. The finance industry has the Wall Street Journal — but for us, there’s no newspaper, blog, or other media source that everyone across all departments reads. So our annual conferences are an important part of the fabric of our business. That’s why we run our own annual client conference in August, and sponsor and attend many other conferences throughout the year.

Because conferences are how we build community in the arts industry, those of us who work “on the other side of the aisle” providing services to the field are also part of the community. We’re at these conferences because we want to help you succeed.

Most of us used to work in the arts, and I think it’s fair to say that we care just as deeply about it as you do. Sometimes the way we can best help you is, yes, by selling you our product or service. But that doesn’t mean we’re just out to make a quick buck. We think we can help solve or at least improve upon some of the challenges facing the industry and your organization with our expertise, insight, and innovation.

Not only that — we want you to make us prove it! Come over and talk with us and the other vendors you see at the next conference, and give us the chance to hear about your problems.

To start us off down that path, here are a few questions I’d welcome hearing in the next few weeks. If some of these things resonate with you (and/or are things you are coming to the conference to learn about), then as you slip from session to session and pass by our booth, stop by and ask us some of these questions.

Hey Patron…

  1. We would like to raise more money; how can you help us do that?
  2. We would like to sell more tickets online; how can you help us do that?
  3. We waste too much time in useless processes, and we want to be more efficient and increase how our staff works together; how can you help us?
  4. We want accurate, easy to build and modify reports that don’t take us forever to prepare; how can you help us?
  5. We would like to spend less time worrying about our technology systems and not be reliant on part-time staff or outsiders who aren’t all that reliable; how can you help us?
  6. We want to be on the cutting edge of the technology curve, not behind it; how can you help us?

For those of you not going to the conferences, or if you have already been to your industry’s, call or email us and we’ll be happy to talk!

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