Just Added: New Marketing Session at Upcoming Conference

I’ve just been given a hot inside tip: on the heels of its impressive PR coup last week, the Boston Pops has been invited to present a last-minute session at a renowned upcoming arts marketing conference. My insider – who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the ongoing nature of the story’s spin – says the newly added session details will include:

How to Spice Up Your Opening Night: Fighting for Subscribers

The Boston Pops marketing & PR department will share with you the origins and wildly successful techniques of its impressive newest marketing scheme. Far from the disgraceful ‘pops patron faux-pas‘ that some of the orchestra’s detractors have posited, last week’s widely-covered press coup turns out to have been meticulously composed and choreographed, and this session will provide the tried and true techniques you can bring back to your own orchestra, such as:

* Brawler recruitment – how to find that exact look – referred to by those in-the-know as "brawny-artsy"

* Tips to prepare brawlers for post-brawl interviews – maximizing camera time while still appearing morally outraged

* Maestro choreography – how to prep your conductor to strike just the right pose of “slightly haughty shock, perfectly nuanced with a strong sense of dignity and a good-natured, anti-elite twinkle in the eye.”

In addition, there will be a guest speaker from the WWF to talk about upcoming plans for a new series, "Wrestling with Webber."

Well, OK – Not!  But, seriously folks — the BSO Pops thing was not the end of the world. Some in the industry are all aflutter and looking aghast at this event last week, but I find the whole thing rather amusing. First, the press reaction only reveals in dramatic fashion the highfalutin opinion the general public stlll has of classical music – and we’re talking the Boston POPS, right?  And second, anyone want to guess whether the Pops ticket sales will go up or down as a result? My vote is up.

(for those who missed it: here’s what happened.)

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