Free Web Tool Friday: LastPass

Do you have any idea how many passwords you have for various sites you visit periodically?

I do. It’s 382. How do I know that? stores all of them for me. Years ago I gave up trying to manage these passords in my head, writing them in a notebook, or keeping them on a hidden spreadsheet. And, since we know it’s not a good idea to use the same password for everything, keeping all of these straight was getting impossible.

LastPass is a password management tool that creates one secure “master” password for all of your online accounts. LastPass works on any computer operating system and on mobile devices. It’s a hosted service and the encryption aspect of this service is the whole banana. Read here and you’ll see why I trust it over any other method including my own home-grown approach.

Using LastPass is simple. When you go to a site that requires a log in, you can set it to automatically log in, or simply have it fill in your user-name and password. And at new sites, it can generate a strong password for you.  I use it to automatically fill in my credit card information and address when I’m shopping online as well.

And, it’s FREE. (There’s a premium version for $1/month which has additional features.)

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