Free Web Tool Friday: Hipmunk

 I’m on a travel tear now, and here’s a super useful site for researching flights. For years the first thing I would do before booking air travel was go to Orbitz, which quickly told me which airlines fly between two cities and generally what the price is.

But when I found Hipmunk all that changed. This site makes looking for flights, I dare say, fun? The information is presented graphically and there are sliders that let you see which flights leave or arrive at a certain time in a very intuitive way. You can sort in all the ways you can imagine: price, departure time, arrival time, and more, and even by “agony” which is a sort of  predefined combination of factors including flight time, which airports you transfer at, and price.

You don’t book from Hipmunk, but it guides you right through the flight selection and then links you to the appropriate airline’s website.  Even if you’re not traveling, this site is a marvel of intuitive design; try it out on a fantasy flight!

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