E-marketing E-ssentials: Best Guest Blog-Fest!

Eugene Carr
December 2012

Regular readers of my “Wired for Culture” blog know that over the past few months, I’ve invited members of the Patron Technology staff to be guest bloggers. Their posts focused on a range of topics, from innovative ways of offering great customer service, to data collection, to website improvements. The feedback I’ve been getting has been so positive that I decided to devote this newsletter as a way to give these articles wider attention. Here’s a summary and a link to each one:

“The Case of the “Phantom Subscriber” December 12, 2011: Allison Klein describes a new kind of black hole in arts marketing — the phantom subscriber — and what to do about it.

“You Don’t Need to be a “Genius” to Exceed Expectations” November 29, 2011: Nathan Anderson describes just how many times he’s spilled coffee on his MacBook and how Apple responded, and relates that to how you can empower your box office staff to offer great service.

“Ticketing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” November 16, 2011: Steve Walsh talks about his ideal vision of an online ticketing experience, influenced by his years of being an actual ticket buyer and working in the ticketing industry.

“Can Fantasy Baseball Help You Run Your Organization?” November 2, 2011: Nathan Anderson talks about how fantasy baseball can be a role model for making data awareness a priority in your organization.

“Three Simple Steps to Reboot Your Website” October 18, 2011: Eric Saber offers three dead-simple ways to improve your website, things that are easy and not expensive, and can have a disproportionate benefit to your site’s visitors.

“If a Patron Buys a Ticket but No One Collects Any Contact Info, Was She Really There?” October 6, 2011: Lily Traub offers four simple ways to collect information from your patrons at your venue. This is the art of creatively getting patron data.

“Does Netflix Know What Its Own Product Is?” September 26, 2011: Michelle Paul talks about how Netflix seemed to have forgotten just what business they were in, and how that relates to your brand.

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