5 Reasons Why Reporting Is Critical to Sustained Success

It’s essential for arts organizations to be regularly reporting on their audience’s data. By routinely identifying and tracking important metrics, you’ll gain valuable insights into audience behavior, campaign ROI, and overall organizational health. With this key information, you can make data-driven decisions about marketing and fundraising outreach, season selection, budget planning, and more. Our team of experts has put together a few reasons why reporting is critical to the sustained success of any arts organization.

Understanding Your Audience
Reporting allows you to get granular with your patrons’ data so you can better understand their interests and buying habits, and interact with them in a more individualized way! Notice a single-ticket buyer continues to come to every opening night? Send them a personalized email asking if they’d like to become a subscriber! Do you have a high click-through rate on email content about virtual events? Target those patrons with further communications specific to your digital programming! By customizing each patron’s experience, you’ll build deeper relationships that keep them coming back to your organization season after season.

Optimizing Email Communications
By regularly looking at email campaign reports, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your patrons are interacting with your communications. Tracking open and click-through rates, as well as which links garner the most traffic, will give you a greater understanding of what marketing content you should focus your attention on! By listening to these metrics, and adjusting your campaigns based on the findings, you will ensure that your audience stays engaged with your organization!

Tracking Fundraising Efforts
Reporting is vital to achieving your fundraising goals. Not only should you track how many donations your organization has received to date, but using a CRM allows you to identify past donors who’ve yet to give this year in order to engage with them directly. You’re also able to see a 360-degree picture of all your patrons so that you can better inspire them to support your organization (again or for the first time).

Developing Targeted Campaigns
Not all patrons interact with your organization the same way. And likewise, you shouldn’t try to execute a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy! By running dynamic & custom reports, you can curate highly-segmented lists to create more targeted campaigns and promote higher patron engagement. Looking to reinspire your younger donors? Send them promotions for your upcoming slate of Virtual Events. Notice your older patrons are more likely to open a physical mailer than an email? Send out personally crafted letters speaking directly to them! By segmenting your mailing lists, you’ll be able to deploy different marketing tactics and engage with different patron demographics in the ways they prefer!

Identifying Vital Data
Keep an eye on what data you are collecting when a patron purchases a ticket, makes a donation or fills out a survey. By identifying and storing the key data points you need into a CRM system, your organization can create personalized experiences for your patrons. Also, reporting audience demographic information like income, gender, or ethnicity is essential when applying for annual grants and government funding, and easy reporting on these metrics can save you time and effort.

Interested in learning more about PatronManager’s robust reporting tools? Contact our team of arts professionals today!

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