BSO Idol: The Pops Goes YouTube

As long as we’re talking about the Boston Pops, did anyone notice the *real* PR
coup last week? In one fell swoop they have leveraged the power of the Internet
and the concept of American Idol — and in the process made themselves more cool
than cool.

It’s a simple idea — that costs them basically nothing. It’s
called POPSearch. They have posted a competition to sing with the Boston Pops
online. You apply by uploading a video to YouTube and then people will vote for
the winner. Assuming that Howard Stern doesn’t get wind of this, this should be
an amazing PR event as well as a totally hip way to reach out to a bigger

So, how about all the orchestras in America trying this? How
about with classical music, not just pops? How about auditions for Hamlet, or
Nutcracker for that matter? Sure it’s a trick – but it’s a darn interesting one,
and a PR generator at that.

Since arts organizations are trying the
latest thing – here’s a totally simple idea, that’s hip, Democratic, and free!

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One response to “BSO Idol: The Pops Goes YouTube

  1. One of my good friends from college (a music major) “tried out” for this, so I’ve watched a few audition clips. There’s such a wide range of talent and style…pretty neat. Keeping my fingers crossed that she does well!

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