The Benefit of An Internal E-mail Newsletter

In all the years I’ve been writing about email marketing, I’ve always focused on how your organization can target, and engage your audience. I never really paid much attention to the idea of an internal newsletter. That is until I read this post titled, The Benefits of Creating Newsletters for Internal Purposes (and How to Make It Happen).

The article caused me to pause and think about what we do here at PatronManager to keep our employees updated and motivated towards our goals. First, we use Chatter a ton, obsessively in fact. For those who don’t know, Chatter is an internal communication tool built right into PatronManager/Salesforce that mimics Facebook style conversations.

We have over 15 Chatter groups including departmental groups, a full company group, and even one dedicated to our “cheese club.” In some ways, our “full company” Chatter group serves the purpose of a newsletter when we have big announcements to make. We also have a monthly live “all hands” call where we present an update for the whole staff. So it didn’t occur to me to do an actual newsletter, which I think is a pretty interesting idea.  

For your organization, the article points out all sorts of benefits — not just the obvious ones around keeping people updated. This is a place to celebrate successes, call out individual achievement, and help focus on important goals. It’s also something you could repurpose and send to your board members and/or donors.

Do any of you do an internal email newsletter? Would you be willing to share it and/or let us know how it’s working for you?

I’m intrigued!

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