Recognizing Your Donors in a Whole New Way

Apparently British Airways has developed a new service called “Know Me” in which their employees use simple social media searches to find pictures of their passengers and then recognize them by name when they walk up to the gate. This got me thinking: how many of your donors do you know by sight? How many longtime subscribers do you know ? I’ll bet you know your top donors and board members, but how valuable would it be if your ushers or your staff could recognize mid-level donors as they arrived at your venue?

In the airline instance, it might be seen as creepy, since most people don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about an airline. However, in the arts, where patrons often feel an emotional connection, I think it might work well, and could be one of those “high-tech, high touch” things that differentiates how you build relationships with your patrons.

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2 responses to “Recognizing Your Donors in a Whole New Way

  1. I would be totally freaked out if I was recognized by someone I’d never met, even if I had donated a small sum of money to an organization.

  2. Clearly British Air has thought of that too – and I guess it would be easy enough to test this out. Does anyone else feel the same as Sarah?

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