Personalizing the Renewal Call

Recently I received a telemarketing call from an arts organization that sounded like this:

“Hello, this is Sally. I’m calling from [an organzation attended a few times last year and to which I am a donor] to tell you that the donor early-buying period is about to end. If you’d like to secure the best seats and early pricing, please call me back and I’ll be glad to help you. My number is…”

I didn’t call back even though I intend to buy tickets for this organization again. That got me thinking about what would have motivated me to call Sally back. After a few hours, it hit me:

“Hello, this is Sally. I’m calling from [an organization attended a few times last year and to which I am a donor] to let you know that I took a look at the events you attended last summer and I’ve put together a selection of four shows I think you’ll really like. Because you are a donor, I can offer you a reduced price during our donor buying window, which ends Friday afternoon. I think you’ll really like the selection I’ve picked out, and I look forward to telling you more about it. My number is…”

The first approach is generic and price driven, while the second is personalized. I’m sure you recognize that more and more aspects of our world are becoming customized. From a crafted Starbucks drink to a subscription service that sends you a selection of customized doggie treats every month, it seems like the more you personalize the experience, the more your patrons feel like you know them. And over the years, our research has proved that when arts patrons feel like you know them, they will buy more often and donate more money.

Of course, to do this well, you need what every sophisticated marketer has today — a sophisticated CRM system that helps you automate and organize a personalized approach.

Many of you are embarking upon your subscription renewal season. Maybe this is the year to take this kind of personalized approach?

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