October PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month

Our PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month for October is Ricki Marking-Camuto, Box Office Manager at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri. 

We asked Ricki some questions about her journey and current role as a PatronManager Administrator at her organization. Here is what she shared with us:

1. What is your favorite PatronManager feature?

I enjoy the ease of editing existing fields or adding new ones — there’s no need for coding, and I can easily customize all records to meet our organization’s needs!

2. Has becoming a Certified Admin improved your ability to mentor and teach PatronManager to your colleagues?

Yes! When I first started at The Rep, I began running bi-weekly (now monthly) PatronManager meetings that included key players from every department. Since becoming Certified, I feel more confident leading these meetings, and I am able to provide staff with more detail about why the system works the way it does.

3. What is one of your goals for the rest of 2019?

By the end of 2019, I would like to create some Validation Rules (programming PatronManager to verify that the data entered in a record meets specific standards) to help certain aspects of our ticket sales run smoother. One specific problem we have is when actors or students buy tickets, they put text in the “Address” field other than an address, or they use The Rep’s address. This causes problems for mailing lists and reporting for grants. I would like to create a rule where the words “Actor,” “Student,” “Faculty,” “Staff,” or our theatre’s address, get rejected when entered into this field.

I also want to create a Validation Rule for our Pick-Your-Own Subscriptions (a three-to-five show season package that includes both Mainstage and Studio productions). A change we made this year is that instead of choosing a series, the patron can choose a day of the week and then pick the dates that work best for them. This opens up multiple performances of a show, and the new Validation Rule would allow them to only choose one date so they do not accidentally sign up for the same show twice.

4. Are there any current or upcoming technology trends that you’re excited about? If so, what?

I am very excited about our recent switch to Lightning (Salesforce’s new modern interface) because of its user-friendly layout and customizability. Everything is clean and bright, and there are so many adjustments I can make to the system easily without code. 

5. What additional resources have you discovered since becoming Certified that have benefited your organization?

I actually discovered this before starting the Certification process, but Trailhead (Salesforce’s training modules) really helped me, especially in making our switch to Lightning.

6. Which one of your organization’s events are you most excited about this year? (If you had to pick one…)

The show I am most looking forward to in our 2019/20 season is Feeding Beatrice by Kirsten Greenidge. Not only is it a world premiere, but it will also be an immersive experience. It is going to be performed in our 125-seat black box Studio Theatre, where the audience can experience the same haunting occurrences the characters are experiencing.

7. What is your favorite vacation spot?

The mountains — any place with mountains. I also enjoy vacationing in cities where you can visit a lot of places on foot. 

8. Is there anyone from the Client Community, Client Support Team, or Education Team that has helped you and your organization improve during your journey to becoming a Certified Admin? 

Elise Rebmann (Director of Client Engagement) has been so helpful with all aspects of my PatronManager journey!

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