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This week’s “Free Web Tool Friday” is written by Eric Saber, Account Specialist here at Patron Technology. If you like this post, make sure to download our guide that has a list of 25 free web tools at the bottom of this page.

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Some applications have become so integral to my workflow that if I’m on a computer that doesn’t have them installed, I feel lost. One of these tools is ActiveWords — and let me tell you, it’s a life-changer. ActiveWords’ website describes it best: It’s a program that “instantly triggers actions related to words you type, ink, or select.” What does that mean exactly, though?

Well, with ActiveWords installed, if you ever have a link, signature, or phrase that you constantly type out over and over, you can create a keyboard shortcut that will automatically substitute text. This means that you no longer have to search your computer again and again for the exact text you need to copy and paste.

For instance, I frequently need to copy a link to my calendar in my correspondence, and so I’ve created an ActiveWord shortcut that lets me type 2 letters into any text field (in any program!), and then my link magically appears. Same thing goes for my email address. My email address is fairly long and is subject to typos, so I created an ActiveWord shortcut, where I hit the letter “e” and 2 spaces and then my email address just appears! This idea can be applied to pretty much anything, whether it’s launching a program, navigating to a website, or getting information.

Download ActiveWords and start making your own shortcuts. You’ll be amazed by how you ever lived without it.

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