Email Marketing Refinements To Remember

I gravitate towards articles whose premise resonates with things I’ve been saying for years. So before you read the extremely valuable article linked below, mull the beginning:

Call it old-fashioned, but email marketing works.

Not only does email drive higher conversion rates than other marketing channels, but it’s also 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers when compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Now that we’re (yet again) reminded that email marketing should be your digital focus, the article from which the above text was excerpted, entitled, 5 Reasons Your Email Subscribers Are Not Converting (and How to Change That) goes on to talk about ways to improve your response rates to your email.

The very first point on their list delves into something that’s bothered me for a long time, and that we struggle with here from time to time. When you’re sending an email from your organization, do you sign it with an actual person’s name, or just from the organization?

Personally, I always respond better when there is a person’s name there – and this article backs me up on that. I hope you’ll read the rest of the article and redouble your efforts to refine your email marketing. It (still) works!


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