What To Do

Now that that American Airlines thing is out of my system, let’s turn to the positive.

I read a lot about
our industry and often what the corporate world is doing in e-mail marketing
isn’t completely relevant. However, today I want to share an article with you
from DM News which i think succinctly captures some best-practices for e-mail that
I’ve been talking about for years.

The article is here and I hope you’ll
read the whole thing.
However, if you’re pressed for time, and I know many of
you are, t
he main points are:
1. Know your
2. Mail only
relevant information
3. Develop a strong
wire frame template (PatronMail helps you do this)
4. Avoid many
different colors and fonts
5. Don’t overload
your audience
6. Set the stage
(set and manage expectations)

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