What Not To Do

From time to time,
something comes across my inbox from a major corporation that’s so amazingly
misguided and filled with fundamental mistakes that I go into marketing-shock.
That’s what happened to me when I got an e-mail from American Airlines last
week, the subject line of which read: Hurry! Choose Your Reward – Bonus Miles or

Needless to say, I
was eager to get a reward so I was suckered. Well, it turns out to be a highly
overproduced flash animation all designed to get me to sign up for more of their
e-mail newsletters. The amount of money and technology that’s been expended here
is just staggering. And the arrogance to think that I would actually watch this,
and then respond just makes me wonder what these people were
Here’s a screen shot
of the e-mail in my inbox. Notice that it’s personalized and quite professional.
But the subject line is clearly spammy and totally misleading.


Please, don’t do
this kind of thing. It just makes your recipients think you’re slimy. Goodness
knows it would take a lot to make me reduce my already low estimation of
American Airlines, but this e-mail did just that.

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