Web Sites: Now Fundraising Tool Numero Uno

With thanks to Joanne at the NY Pops, I want to direct you to an amazing and meaty article in the Nonprofit Times this week. There's too much there to summarize but let me quote just one sentence which should get your attention:

According to a new The NonProfit Times study, twice as many potential donors are heading online after receiving a fundraising solicitation by mail than they did just three years ago, and among those 65 and older, the increases were even more substantial.

Here's a link to the article.

It seems clear that what's happening here is a natural evolution in consumer behavior, from offline to online. The first wave was for ticketing, and now it's time for donations. We already know that consumers believe that your Web site is the most updated place to get information about your organization. What we're seeing is that direct mail can motivate a Web site visit in advance of a donation. So, for those fundraisers out there who aren't yet convinced that your online donation technology is as important as your direct mail, this article should do the trick. 

Personally, I often won't donate to an organization that doesn't make it easy for me to do so online. Let me ask you this: If you went to your own site, how many seconds would it take for you to find the "donate now" link? Just asking….

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