Vote! & NAMP

First, thanks for all the positive feedback on the last post, which was my "open letter."  I think it's gotten me the most feedback of anything I've written in years.That alone speaks volumes on the state of our industry.

The election is upon us, and no doubt the effect of e-marketing will be dissected over the next several years. It's been fun watching how the various campaigns have used the Web, and I've enjoyed writing about it here. You can see all my posts on this subject by clicking on the "Presidential Web Watch" link on the left side.

If Obama wins the election I would hope that his administration would continue to innovate in the use of technology. It will be very refreshing. I have to say that the notion that I could get a video clip from the President filmed in the Oval Office in my inbox is pretty exciting.

Finally, I'm off to the NAMP conference in two weeks. We will have a booth and I'll be on a few panels. If you'll be there, I hope you'll also join me for this very fast session which we are presenting as an on-site additional event.

Newest and Coolest in
E-marketing: An E-marketing Lightning Round

Tuesday, Nov 11th, 6:307:00 pm
Hilton Americas Houston, Room 337AB
And, if you're a PatronMail client, check your inbox for an invitation to our client appreciation party to follow.

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