Video Contributions for the Arts?

If there’s one thing that the web is
good at doing, it’s getting people to do things for free. From Wikipedia entries
to bloggers, people do a lot of things just for pure enjoyment or personal
satisfaction. Those marketers that understand how to harness this creative
energy stand to gain a lot.

I saw this play out last week in an e-mail
for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In preparation for the presidential
debates, her staff sent out an invitation for people to create a 30-second video
that they can use during the debate. It will be interesting to watch some of
these entries.

I’ve been calling on the arts
community to start using video in creative ways, and in my most recent post last week, I highlighted
what the Cincinnati Opera has been doing.

How about taking the next step and
soliciting your supporters and patrons to upload their own ads, testimonials or
promotions for your events, or for your cause. The idea holds a lot of
potential, and just like with political campaigns, the arts engender a lot of

How about we put that passion to
work? Let me know if you try this!

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