Video Arts Marketing - E-Holy Grail

For a long time, I’ve been doing a section in my seminars called "next generation e-marketing" in which I talk about the future of arts marketing. Recently, I’ve been focused a lot more on video which I think will be the e-holy grail for arts marketers.

And, what I’ve been saying is that video can help motivate participation in the arts like nothing else. But, I say, let’s forget showing snippits of the play, or the opera or the concert. There are Union issues, rights isuses, and the like.  And furthermore, that stuff is usually really boring.

My call to the industry is to get really creative – and fun. So, today I’d like you to see an example of something I think is really great from the Cincinnati Opera. It’s a promotional video meant to drum up interest in its upcoming production of the opera, Nixon in China.

You can Watch it here

Need I say more? 

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