Upgrade to E-Mail Marketing Platform, PatronMail, Announced

New York, NY – Patron Technology President Eugene Carr today announced a new upgrade to the company’s PatronMail e-mail marketing e-mail system. The upgrade affords PatronMail clients even more ease of use when selecting and creating their e-mail campaigns, as well as design assistance via links to over ninety printable documents with “Template Tips” for creating sample campaigns. The upgrade includes three new templates, the ability to export campaign reports to Excel, the ability to use anchor text, and increased password security.

“We pride ourselves on responding to our customer’s feedback and requests,” says Carr, “and this new organization of our templates, as well as the new templates and features we have added, respond directly to their needs. As such, we’re confident that PatronMail will continue to be the best choice for arts and non-profit organizations for their e-mail marketing needs.”


About Patron Technology:

Patron Technology, Inc., an online marketing software and consulting company, serves the arts and not-for-profit industries with cutting-edge technology and e-marketing expertise. The company strives to revolutionize arts marketing by enabling organizations to maximize the potential of marketing and communications on the Internet. The company’s main product, PatronMail, is a Web-based e-mail marketing system used by over 1,500 institutions in 49 states and eight foreign countries.

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