Unlocking Audience Engagement with Special Access Codes

By Jacob Trussell, Marketing Coordinator

Let me know if you’ve heard this one before: your favorite band is playing a concert near you, and as a thank you for listening to their music on a streaming service like Spotify, you’ve been given a link or a code to buy tickets to their show before they go on sale! How cool, right? You feel like you are part of the in-crowd, and it even made you hit play on a record or two to celebrate snagging tickets!

That unique feeling is because of Special Access Codes. They are sometimes called member codes or pre-sale codes, but they all work to provide the same thing: an exceptional experience for your audience.

But if Special Access Codes are new to your organization, you may be wondering: how best can they be used? That’s where we’re here to help! The following are just a few suggestions for how you can get the most out of your Special Access Codes.

Create Added Incentive
Has a local business underwritten one of your shows this season? If so, what better way to thank them than by giving their employees early access or discounts to a performance or an entire production. You can also make this benefit available to season subscribers and annual donors all the way down to an added perk for joining your mailing list!

Maximize Your Tiers
Do you have different levels of membership or donors at your organization? Then you may want to consider tiering your presale codes! Give your high-level donors the earliest access, and then go down from there! Maybe it’s a day early, or a week, but this way you can offer an additional perk for donating more!

Access Group Blocks
A local professor is bringing a group of students to a performance. You’ve negotiated a discount price and they want their students to pay for their individual tickets. So what can you do to facilitate that? With Group Blocks, you can offer them a Special Access Code so that when the students purchase tickets, their seats will be grouped together at the price you negotiated!

Hold Your Best Seats
Is a national tour of Hamilton coming to your venue? With Special Access Codes, you can place holds on the best seats in your house for the hottest ticket in town as a benefit to your season subscribers or long-time supporters. But don’t forget: always test your Special Access Codes first and make sure to set a time when unsold seats are released to the general public so they don’t go unsold.

Make ‘em Easy!
Special Access Codes should be secure, but if you want your audience to use them, it’s probably best not to give them a long string of random letters, numbers, and symbols to remember! Keep your codes simple so that they don’t frustrate your patrons at check out!

Immense appreciation to Special Access Code Wizards Linnaia McKenzie, Julia King, and Alex Pagano for providing invaluable insight for this blog post!

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