Tools vs Technique Redux

Let’s remember where we left off a few days ago:

E-mail Success Depends on Marketing Skill

I got this e-mail today from Nicole Kindred who does the e-mail marketing for the Wang Center in Boston. At the risk of the shameless promotion of my own seminar, I offer up her note as testimony that the statement above is indeed true.

Nicole writes:

I just sent out the first announcement since the seminar, and it was exclusively to our opt-in list using  the e-Postcard template.  In the past, I had been uploading my own image, which was a document created in Publisher and saved as a jpeg.  Now that I better understand Alt Text, I used the PatronMail system directly and my open rate just about doubled!

Now, I know that is probably also due to sending exclusively to the opt-in list and because the subject line included a compelling piece of information ("On Sale Notice: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds"), so the open rate will be higher than recent mailings.  Nonetheless, I am excited by it!

To this I would like to add another few bits of wisdom: Targeted messages perform better to targeted lists, and clear subject lines are invaluable. I rest my case (at least for the moment.)

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