The Arts Teach the Corporate World

Cimg1779jpg20070306033742_1Today in Miami, I lead a session at the MarketingSherpa conference which I wanted to call "What the Arts Can Teach the Corporate World" but couldn’t get away with it. So the title was less spicy, but the content was anything but. My colleagues pictured to the right were (from left to right) Robert Sweibel, Director, Marketing & Communications, Berkeley Rep, Denise Caniff, Senior Manager, Business Development, Metropolitan Museum, Mark Hodes, SVP, Customer Marketing TicketsNow and to my right Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa.

The session focused on the e-mail marketing programs that these organizations use to drive attendance, and repeat visits as well as loyalty. I think the most important thing I learned was that each of these organizations has built an e-mail program from the ground up during the past few years, and today their business practices are every bit as effective as the corporate presentations we’ve been listening to all day long during the rest of the conference.

I’ll have more thoughts on this conference in the future posts , as I begin to digest what I’ve been hearing.

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