The Most Affluent Are Most Wired

The IAB study released last week looking at the digital media habits of "affluents," those with incomes over $100K a year, offered some statistics that should be pretty motivating to any arts or non-profit trying to raise money from, or sell tickets to people in this demographic.

Here’s the headline along with my invitation for you to read a summary of this remarkable study:

New IAB Study Finds That Higher-Income Americans—Hardest to Reach Via Traditional Media—More Likely to Be Aware of New Products, Companies and Sites After Viewing Online Ads

It turns out that affluents are twice as likely as the general public to own an iPhone, and 79% of them say their lives have become “intertwined with technology.”

The article concludes:

“And the new research shows that when it comes to digital media, the old paradigm has been superseded: the wealthiest Americans use digital media far more than their less affluent counterparts.”

Next time you’re at a marketing or fundraising strategy meeting, and someone starts knocking down ideas for improving or increasing your web marketing saying,”But our audience is old, they aren’t online,” ask them to match up the demographics of this “old” audience and see how it lines up with this study.

That should change the conversation.

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