What Is the Internet For?

If you saw the musical Avenue Q, you’ll know the answer to “the Internet is for_____.” And if you didn’t I won’t ruin the song. (If you must, you can cheat here.)

What I am realizing is that the Internet for consumers started out answering this question with the response “information,” which in most cases meant words. From articles, to Wikipedia, to blogs, the web was initially all about word-based content.

What I see happening is that the Web is becoming all about pictures. If you look at the time spent on social media sites, as reported by e-Marketer, you’ll see that after Facebook, the next two sites on which people spend the most time are Tumblr and Pinterest. That surprised me because we hear “Facebook and Twitter” in the same breath all the time. Twitter is for words, Tumblr and Pinterest are for pictures. And pictures are where people spend the most time. It’s also the case the smartphone users are beginning to watch a lot of video on these devices.

This is relevant for anyone that manages a website today. It seems like the more pictures, and the more video, the more engagement. And the more engaged people are, the more likely they are to buy a ticket.

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