The ArtsCenter

The ArtsCenter

The ArtsCenter

The ArtsCenter exists in order to educate and inspire artistic creativity and to enrich the lives of people of all ages with a vision to create an educational environment that provides opportunities, inspiration, and tools to people of all ages and skill levels to participate in the arts. The ArtsCenter began in 1974 and now serves more than 93,000 annually. This unique not-for-profit community gathering place offers Arts Classes for Adults and Youth, Summer Arts Camps & Afterschool Arts Immersion, Family-Friendly Performances, School Shows, Concerts, Theater Productions, and Gallery Exhibits.

Client Success Story

What were your primary business problems that PatronManager had to solve?

We wanted one CRM system to track donors, concert attendees, and class registrants. We believe that to really understand our customers we need to be able to analyze all aspects of our business in one system. This tracking also helps us fulfill our mission to ensure we are serving the entire community.

How has PatronManager solved them?

PatronManager has been invaluable in providing us with a snapshot of customer information, the ability to run meaningful reports to understand who we are serving in the community, and in improving our customer service.

What improvements have you seen?

There are three major improvements that we’ve seen due to the system:

  • We have given more choice to our customers on how to purchase tickets and made it easier for them to customize their order
  • We have now entered the 21st Century and take recurring donations and monthly membership plans
  • We can now look at who is both an attendee and a donor without having to use Excel and wasting time

Anything else you can tell us?

The reporting is vastly superior to our old program and enables us to understand our business—both in terms of sales and bookkeeping. Because PatronManager reports are customizable, our staff have created almost an infinite number of reports to serve very specific needs—this makes us responsive to making business decisions in real time.