New York Live Arts

New York Live Arts

New York Live Arts

Founded in 2011, NewYork Live Arts is a center of diverse artists devoted to body-based investigation that transcends barriers between and within communities led by world-renowned artist Bill T. Jones. We are a place that brings people together to explore common values through live gathering and performance reminding us of our humanity and elevating the human spirit.

Client Success Story

What were your primary business problems that PatronManager had to solve?

Prior to implementing PatronManager, our data was not being properly leveraged to engage audiences and donors. Our previous database system was opaque, difficult to use and to train new users. It was also an inflexible system with a lack of customer support.

How has PatronManager solved them?

PatronManager addressed all our issues by providing an easy-to-navigate platform. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to train new users. Customer service is always available and helpful. New features are always being rolled out, so we feel like our system is constantly evolving to meet the demands of rapidly changing technologies.

What improvements have you seen?

Since our implementation in 2011, we’ve had a 21% increase in paid attendance and a 33% increase in contributed income.

Anything else you can tell us?

One of the most significant improvements is the reporting functionality, which is incredibly intuitive and customizable. I have never used a data platform with such accessible reporting. It truly allows you to look at your data from any perspective, and (most importantly) to utilize those reports to aid in fundraising and marketing activities.