Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre is a professional theatre founded in 1990 celebrating the actor, with a Resident Company of artists from the Baltimore/Washington, DC area. Each season, Everyman produces a six-play mainstage season dedicated to engaging the audience through a shared experience between actor and audience seeking connection and emotional truth in performance.

Client Success Story

What were your primary business problems that PatronManager had to solve?

Our old software solutions for ticketing, development, education, and email marketing did not play well with one another and required a lot of manpower to update. We had to code subscribers in our development software, and education was actually using Excel spreadsheets for classes. The previous ticketing system got us by, but it didn’t have any online ticketing capability or offer any reserved seating options!

How has PatronManager solved them?

All of them! To have all this information in ONE place has become invaluable to us. Not only can we do things like segment lists – but we can also draw some deeper statistical insight on our patrons and their buying or giving habits.

What improvements have you seen?

Our single ticket sales increased dramatically by 122%, and our subscription renewal increased by 22% since 2010. Also, we were also able to increase our annual giving by 57% in the past 6 years.

Anything else you can tell us?

PatronManager has allowed us to ease some of the day-to-day processes with the use of workflows, tasks, scheduled reports and dashboards, print-at-home ticketing, scanning of tickets (getting actual attendance reports!), and the ability to customize and tweak these processes. As our theatre grew into a new space in 2012 (expanding from a 175 general admission seat house to a 253 reserved seat house) PatronManager grew with us.