American Shakespeare Center

American Shakespeare Center

The American Shakespeare Center — through its performances, theatres, exhibitions, and educational programs — seeks to make Shakespeare, the joys of theatre and language, and the communal experience of the Renaissance stage accessible to all. By re-creating Renaissance conditions of performance, the ASC explores its repertory of plays for a better understanding of these great works and of the human theatrical enterprise past, present, and future.

Client Success Story

What were your primary business problems that PatronManager had to solve?

We were working in numerous database systems and Excel spreadsheets in order to track all our programs. We wanted to be able to get a 360-degree view of each of our patrons and how they interact with each of our departments (ticketing, marketing, education, touring, and development).

How has PatronManager solved them?

PatronManager has completely unified our data. We now have the data for every part of our revenue-generating work in one place. This has already helped us target our marketing better and build deeper relationships with donors.

What improvements have you seen?

In the three years we’ve been using PatronManager, our ticket sales have grown by $387,000 (29%) and our individual giving has increased by $70,000 (21%).

Anything else you can tell us?

PatronManager has helped our staff break down walls between departments and begin to think about our patrons as ASC stakeholders, not “Education buyer,” “Tour buyer,” “Playhouse patron,” “Donor,” etc. It has also made our daily work and reporting much more efficient. The best example of this is that our Group Sales Manager took 45 minutes to process an order prior to implementing PatronManager. It now takes her 7 minutes.