Spam Quantified

I’m not necessarily proud of the fact that I have a lot of facts and figures in my head about SPAM, but I’m a junkie for facts that help explain how our business really works, and particularly why e-mail delivery is so complex and difficult.

An article last week about a spammer that got arrested, included some pretty revealing information. I think these numbers are worth remembering, and could perhaps even be useful at your next party, marketing meeting or Board meeting. And when your boss questions you on why you’re spending money to outsource your e-mail to a company that can assure that your mail gets delivered and not filtered by ISP spam filters, bear this in mind:

Consider, email security company IronPort told the Associated Press that 70
billion spam messages were sent Thursday, the day after Soloway’s arrest. That
figure was unchanged from two weeks prior. It’s also almost double last May’s 36
billion spam emails per  day.

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