Senior Web Users Continually Surprise

It seems I'm on a roll with how the older audience uses the Web. Since the average age of our the audience that responded to our 2008 Arts Patron Tracking Study is 49, I like to focus on that age range.

This morning I noticed a small piece of research that had something in it that jumped off the page at me. Tell me if you see what I see:


OK, perhaps the green circle gives it away, but I find this a bit shocking. According to this DoubleClick study published in eMarketer, promotional emails are more effective in influencing adults over 55 to make a purchase than search engine result pages.

My theory here is that older adults don't do Google searches as frequently, nor are they perhaps as adept at them. If either of these are true, then e-mail marketing has become an even more important tool to use to market to an older audience.

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One response to “Senior Web Users Continually Surprise

  1. Gene,
    It was great to meet you at the NPAC! I found “Cutting the Confusion” session exceedingly helpful and interesting. I was astounded to find the age range that you discuss in this blog. SO many people in the opera world just assume that its only teenagers who would benefit from email marketing, blogging and such. I am looking forward to receiving the link from your data.

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