4 Questions To Remember When Searching for a CRM

Nothing’s more relatable to an arts administrator than the image of a work desk littered with sticky notes reminding you of a patron’s name or donor information you received after an event. While you may have been able to get by with a “system” like this in years past, a better way to keep track of your data without all the clutter is a must in this day and age. An intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) system can do just that, and more!

With a CRM, you can collect and manage all of your patron’s data in one centralized place, improving organizational efficiency, productivity, and collaboration across the board. Our team of experts has put together a few questions you should keep in mind when searching for a CRM system!

What Do You Need?
Before you start looking for a CRM, identify what your organizational needs are. Are you looking to combine your ticketing and donor information into one shared database? Do you want a system that will help you rethink your marketing or fundraising campaigns? It may sound counterintuitive, but don’t just get a CRM system because a website told you that you needed one. If you’re a one-person band at a small organization or do not have the need to collect the type of data CRMs compile, you may not be ready to adopt this type of system. Identify your specific needs and consider whether or not a CRM is the best way to meet them!

How Much Time Do You Have?
Implementing a CRM is not a quick task, so before you make a decision, consider how much time you and your team actually have to dedicate to the implementation process. From compiling existing donor and patron data to integrating ticketing systems and communication platforms, this level of implementation is nothing to take lightly. If your organization is swamped right now with launching a virtual events series or online fundraiser, do you foresee having downtime in the next six months? Then now may be the perfect time to start researching systems!

What Features, Tools, & Extras Do You Want?
Every CRM system will have similarities and differences, but if you have specific functionality in mind, you should make sure that the system is capable of it first! Look for what your organization needs, like robust reporting to track donor engagement data for a capital campaign, or automated email communication to promote virtual events With PatronManager built on Salesforce, users get access to a suite of apps that can extend the systems functionality to tailor your CRM to work exactly as your organization sees fit.

Can It Help Your Organization Grow?
CRM systems can help your organization stay on the cutting edge of tech trends in the arts, allowing you to expand your reach to new audiences, and engage with them online in fresh ways! Tools that enable you to facilitate virtual events, track online ticket sales, and automate marketing communication can help your organization grow in exciting directions while strengthening your mission and vision.

Interested in learning more about what to look for in a CRM system? Drop our team of arts management professionals a message today!

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