Printing 2.0 - Saving money on print marketing

Today, I have a way for those of you that are still doing traditional marketing (ie: all of us!) to save money on printing stuff as well.

Of course, you could print in the office, or go to your local Kinko’s. But another clever company which has been around for a while is worth knowing about. It’s called, and what’s interesting about this company is you can think of it as Kinko’s from your desktop + mailing service. Let’s say you’re doing a fundraiser and you need 5,000 programs shipped across town. Rather than printing them in-house, print to and they will send them over the next day. Their prices are very competitive.

If you’re still doing a lot of printing, this is worth looking into.

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  1. I’m the marketing director of Thank you for the kind comments on our service. We work hard to deliver a quality product and are thrilled when others outside the company share our enthusiasm.

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