Patron Technology Publishes Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century

New book, Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century, examines how arts & cultural organizations can embrace the latest digital technologies to build deeper relationships with their patrons

New York, NY – April 4, 2011

Patron Technology, a company specializing in technology solutions for arts and cultural organizations, today announced the publication of a new book: Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century. Written by Eugene Carr, Patron Technology’s founder and CEO, and Michelle Paul, Product Manager, Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century proposes a new framework for arts marketing that responds to the changing behavior of arts patrons by embracing online marketing tools and techniques, such as e-mail, social media, and CRM.

With rapidly changing digital technologies, arts marketers are challenged by how to focus their limited time and budget on the most effective channels to reach and engage their patrons and donors. In Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century Carr and Paul offer simple-to-understand, yet powerful, roadmaps for arts and culture marketers striving to put manage their organizations in this challenging economy

“In theatre, the fourth wall refers to the imaginary division between the action on stage and the audience watching the play. When an actor ‘breaks the fourth wall,’ they speak or interact directly with the audience,” said Eugene Carr. “The Fifth Wall separates the cultural experience and the organization that produced it from the audience members’ life outside the theatre, museum, or orchestra. As arts and culture organizations connect with patrons beyond the venue – reminding them of the value of the arts experience, coaxing them to return, and perhaps ultimately convincing them to donate – they’re breaking the Fifth Wall.”

Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century examines how arts & culture organizations can use social media to expand and enrich their interactions with patrons, and the book also explores how arts marketers can use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to do the same. Often associated with much larger, for-profit businesses, CRM systems, such as Patron Technology’s PatronManager CRM, are increasingly used by arts marketers to develop rich, personalized relationships and marketing with patrons.

“While arts marketers have long used print media, e-mail, and more recently social media platforms for marketing, CRM is the digital ‘glue’ that can increase the effectiveness of arts marketers’ overall efforts,” said Michelle Paul. “CRM systems can enable marketers to deeply understand their patrons’ specific interests and preferences, and develop new, personalized, and highly targeted marketing efforts.”

Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century is available in trade paperback now.


About Patron Technology
Patron Technology, LLC. strives to revolutionize the arts industry by offering world class CRM, ticketing, and e-mail marketing technology at a price that every organization can afford.

Founded in 2001 by industry veteran Eugene Carr, the New York City-based company is the leader in e-marketing technology for the arts industry with 1,800 arts and cultural clients that use its PatronMail e-mail service. PatronMail’s client list includes organizations of all sizes in all 50 states and eight foreign countries, as well as individual artists — including the New York Philharmonic, the Denver Art Museum, the Public Theater, Victoria & Albert Museum (U.K.), and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

The company’s newest product, PatronManager CRM, which combines ticketing, fundraising, e-mail marketing, and calendar and task management, was developed in partnership with and the Salesforce Foundation.

Dedicated to educating the non-profit community about e-marketing, Patron Technology presents a regular schedule of live e-marketing seminars across the country, a monthly e-mail newsletter, and live webinars. The company has also published three books on e-marketing by its president, Eugene Carr.


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