Our First E-marketing Conference -- Early Notice

We’re putting the finishing touches on our first full-day e-marketing conference here in New York to be held on November 8th. I hope you’ll forgive the creative spelling we’re taking with the title — E-marketing E-mersion E-vent. (BTW, you can’t use E-mersion in Scrabble.) We have not announced this to the public yet, and we will later this week, but I wanted you to be the first to hear about it.

The conference is going to focus on all aspects of e-marketing – from a US and international perspective. A lot will be on e-mail marketing, but we’ll also cover all the new stuff – podcasting, MySpace and blogs, as well as more weighty topics like data mining.

I’ve invited some of the best people I know to participate, including David Snead from the NY Philharmonic, Christy Bolingbroke from the Mark Morris Dance Group who will report on their e-mail marketing work. Roger Tomlinson, from Cambridge, England who is one of the most astute observers of the ticketing and e-marketing scene, and author of FULL HOUSE: Turning Data into Audiences. He will tell us about what’s going on overseas. Steven Roth and his partner Tim Baker (also from the UK) are experts in issues surrounding data mining and pricing, and they’ll be on hand to offer up some amazing case histories.

We’re going to have some one-on-one sessions, and I’ll be hosting a "backstage at Patron Technology" session to talk about new projects and services we’re working on. We’ll end the day with a wine and cheese reception. The whole thing is being held at a fantastic venue — the best kept secret in New York, the Baruch Performing Arts Center on Lexington and 24th.

We’ll be sending out an e-mail (of course) to announce as soon as we get the final touches on the site.

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