Old is the New Young - E-mail is for Seniors

We've been in the e-mail business for eight years now, and for eight years I've been saying that even the "very old" arts audience is indeed online, and actively so. "E-mail isn't just for younger audiences" is a mantra I wish more boards would pay attention to, and this study shows some definitive evidence of what seniors (65+) do online.

What do you think their #1 activity is?


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4 responses to “Old is the New Young – E-mail is for Seniors

  1. These are fascinating numbers, although I think it’s important to note that this is what seniors who are online are doing.
    I’d like to know what percent of seniors are not online at all. That number has got to be going down, but by how much?

  2. The contributor from Elmhurst raises a good question which can be answered by examining data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. http://www.pewinternet.org/Static-Pages/Trend-Data.aspx
    Among other things, it indicates that 77% of people 50-64 and 43% of people 65+ are online. These are two key groups of ticket buyers for the arts.
    Heidi Zwart Healy from the Elgin Community College Visual & Performing Arts Center

  3. I also wonder if we’ll start to see a push toward social media with this population. I spoke to more than a few people that hopped on Facebook because that’s where the pictures of grandkids go, and it’s where their kids are posting updates on their lives. A pretty great way to stay in touch.

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