Obama's Web Strategy

So, it’s getting fun now.

First of all, the nice clean uncluttered Obama for President web site has suddenly become very busy and confusing. That’s too bad, because what he’s doing seems remarkable.

This guy (or his advisors) really get the Web. Check out his "pre-announcement" which I found way more interesting than his speech this weekend announcing the beginning of his campaign.  As of this writing "Obama TV" appears to be not working (oops..) but if you have a moment go trolling on his site for the "pre-announcement" video.  

It’s interesting to contrast this with Hilary’s activities so far. She started her campaign by saying "let’s start the conversation" and staged several live streaming video chats in the next few days.

Here’s Obama inviting people to create social networking sites and even write their own blogs about his candidacy.  It’s all there on his site.

If there was every a model of how to use the Web to create community – these two candidates are blazing new trails in politics and writing a "how-to" book for  other non-profits.

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