Starting 2013 Off Right: Five Free White Papers

I’d like to start the new year by sharing some tips/techniques and tools that can help you get back into the groove. Over the past few months we’ve published a series of free downloadable whitepapers that have proven to be very popular. These cover a wide variety of aspects of digital marketing and cloud computing, and we’ve never put them all in the same place before. Each is described below with the description and a link to download. I hope these help make your 2013 the very best year for your organization.

Five Ways CRM Improves Your Organization

This is an excerpt from Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Marketing for the 21st Century, by Michelle Paul and me. Our book talks about specific ways that CRM (customer relationship management) can transform your arts organization. You’ll learn how CRM can help you:

  • Turn first-time attendees into loyal patrons
  • Personalize your interactions with ALL donors, not just major donors
  • Encourage collaboration and communication across your entire organization
  • Solve the problem of frequent staff turnover

Download CRM Whitepaper

Four Ways to Build Relationships With Patrons You Don’t Know (But Should)

Learn how to build and strengthen your patron relationships. This is a compilation of articles written by my colleagues at Patron Technology that describe their personal experiences and suggestions of how organizations can cultivate lasting ties, such as:

  • How you can entice a 47-year-old non-subscriber to subscribe
  • Why you should offer incentives to gain repeat attendees
  • What you can do to create “super fans”
  • When you should extend rewards to members

Download Patron Relationships Whitepaper

Great Arts Websites: Getting the Fundamentals Right

We get back to the basics by learning the best practices for ensuring that your website makes the grade. This article focuses on:

  • What content to put right up front
  • Why “capturing the experience” matters the most
  • How “staking a unique claim” helps your site stand out

We’ve included data from a national survey and focus group of arts patrons to provide insight into what most arts patrons want, and how you can deliver it.

Download Great Arts Websites Whitepaper

The Top Five Ways to Build Your E-mail List

E-mail marketing is more than just content and design; you need actual patrons reading those e-mails to see any results from your efforts. You’ll learn the five most effective ways to grow your organization’s list so that you can set yourself up for marketing success, including:

  • Practical design tips for e-mail sign-ups on your website
  • Effective techniques for e-mail sign-ups at the box office and at your venue
  • Best practices for e-mail sign-ups during online ticket purchases

Download Buiding Email Lists Whitepaper

25 Handy (and Free!) Web Tools

This is our guide to the best (free) web tools we use in our office to run our business. This comprehensive guide is divided into three sections:

  • Sharing: how do we share content with our colleagues and friends?
  • Productivity: what tools do we use to help us do our jobs more efficiently?
  • Fun: which tools help us just get through the day?

Download Buiding Email Lists Whitepaper
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