Summary Seminar Thoughts

I’ve been speaking around the country doing e-mail marketing seminars this month and I’ve now completed sessions in seven of eight cities. Yesterday’s was in Tulsa and tomorrow I’m in San Francisco.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet with many of you over meals and coffee. And as I speak with you I’ve realized there’s a subtle but important attitudinal change that’s happened in the last year.

For the last few years I think collectively most arts managers have been thinking “I want to do e-mail marketing, but I want to spend the least amount of time and money on it, because I’m busy juggling a million other things and this is just one more thing I don’t have time to deal with.”

I think that point of view is slowly but surely being replaced by a different perspective. The new collective thinking seems to be “I see that this e-mail marketing thing is working for a lot of my colleagues, and it’s going to become more and more important to my organization during the next few years. Now I’m ready to devote the time, energy, and money to do it right."

What I’ve learned these past few weeks is that more and more of you are seeing the arts marketing world filled with the kind of online marketing potential that I’ve been excited about for years. 

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