We Have a Rockin' New Website!

Generally, the top article in our monthly newsletter is about e-marketing. But today my goal is to draw your attention to our new website, released in conjunction with the second anniversary of the launch of PatronManager CRM.

As many of you know, we aim to revolutionize technology for the arts by offering a 100% cloud-based CRM system that combines box office ticketing & subscriptions, development, e-mail marketing, and staff collaboration into one, cohesive system. We built PatronManager CRM with world-class technology, on the salesforce.com platform, and in partnership with the Salesforce Foundation.

The goal of our new web site is to encourage you to learn more about PatronManager CRM by attending one of our daily half-hour live webinars. It also includes many testimonials: Stephanie Riso at the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre talks about the benefits of consolidating all her data. Jessica Dulberg, Box Office Manager from Adelphi University, describes how PatronManager enables her to easily build reports on the fly. Ed Fiscella from Mainstage Theatre describes the overall impact CRM has on his operations. The site also includes a streamlined product tour, and a series of “day in the life” posts describing how CRM is used in different departments.

In building this site we followed two main concepts that Michelle Paul and I wrote about in our book Breaking the Fifth Wall. First, as you’ll see, the site has a singular goal: a main call-to-action to encourage you to sign up for our daily webinar, right on the main page. Second, for arts groups we wrote that your sites’ imagery should “capture the experience” of what it’s like in your hall. In our case, we translated that into including lots of videos of people talking about what their experience is to use PatronManager. No matter how old or new, websites are never truly “finished.” You can and should always be adjusting and improving. We welcome your feedback on what you think.

As we mark two years with PatronManager CRM we’re really proud that our over 250 client organizations are seeing such great benefits of using it. CRM is indeed the revolutionary step in arts management we had envisioned, and if you haven’t had an introduction to it yet, we hope you’ll take a look.

Finally, thanks go to Joseph Burch, our e-marketing consultant at www.emarketingdoctor.com, who helped us bring our new site to life.

Learn More about PatronManager, the powerful CRM platform that helps you sell more tickets, raise more money, and cultivate stronger bonds with your audience, all in one database.