Missing the Point & Missing the Convention

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a pretty avid follower of what's been going on on the Web relating to the presidential election.

Last night, just for kicks I wanted to see what was happening each night at the convention. As I want to catch some of it live, I figured that going to the Web site for the convention would give me that information. It was easy enough to find the site, www.demconvention.com, but that's where the fun stopped.

I defy you to find a day-by-day schedule on this site anywhere. Now maybe it's me, but isn't that pretty much the whole point of the convention — bringing the public into the Democratic process???

If I were designing this site, it seems to me that I would make the first priority a big huge honking schedule somewhere pretty noticeable. And I'd make it pretty obvious how to sign up for daily e-mail or text updates from the convention.

Am I the only one thinking this way?

Updated 8/20

Many of you commented on this so I guess I wasn't the only one!  However, Robb Kushner of JCA wins the prize. Here's the email he just sent me:

Maybe the DNC left
it in the hands of Wikipedia!




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2 responses to “Missing the Point & Missing the Convention

  1. I don’t know the intricacies of planning a political party’s convention, but don’t you think *they* would have consulted Barack’s campaign for user-friendly and engaging ideas? I just read supposedly his campaign will be texting donor/supporters with his VP choice when he’s ready to announce. This sounds genius and at the same time I’m disappointed to hear of the electronic disconnect between the party and his campaign.

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