Last Gasp Indeed!

This is a quick follow-up from my recent post about the "last" analog Olympics. I wrote last week that I was sure that the Twitterverse would be up in arms over the tape-delay nature of NBC's coverage. And, well, here's some evidence that I was right:

The People of Twitter Think NBC's Olympics Coverage Sucks

I don't know about you, but I'm failing at avoiding online spoilers during these Olympics. Several good competitions have already been ruined for me by Twitter, Google News and Facebook. (Even the official Olympics page on Facebook has taken to posting results before NBC airs them.) So I'm with the angry mob on this one.

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One response to “Last Gasp Indeed!

  1. Dear Eugene
    It is too early in the year to be getting off your bike about something so trivial. My German colleagues, who ars pushing your guys, are not complaining about the live coverage we get, all day; every day!
    Love to see a blog post about something helpful re, say, email for arts marketing.
    What is wrong? Step out the left side of the bed, as they say here?
    Best wishes for better coverage. It is your system mate! Not invented here, as the Americans are fond of saying.
    Neil McPherson

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