Is "unsubscribe" really my only choice?

More and more these days, I’m finding myself trying out e-mail newsletters. I subscribe to them, read them for a while and ask myself if they are really of any value to me. Some of them I get off of right away. Others are clear winners and become part of my regular reading.

It’s the ones in the middle that I want to focus on. I tend to want to keep those middle ones coming – but not in my main e-mail in-box. I have secondary addresses, and I often want to switch those there.

BUT — here’ s the rub. Many e-mail service providers (ESPs) won’t let you change your e-mail address. Their only option is to opt-out.  My guess is that in their effort to comply with CAN-SPAM, they only give you the "opt-out" option.

I think these ESPs are doing their clients a disservice. Once I’ve unsubscribed, the chances of me going back to that site and resubscribing are very slim. It’s just too much work. That’s why we’ve keep the "change preferences" link at the bottom of every e-mail.

I really wish everyone else would do the same. Have you found this to be an annoyance?

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