E-mail Marketing Wins again

083704I’m loving E-marketer these days, because it seems they are making my case better than I could ever do.

Take a look at this chart. It shows the results of a recent study of promotion-oriented marketers and shows the relative importance these folks are placing on e-mail marketing.

I feel like we in the arts are a little bit too much "flavor of the month," and this month it seems that it’s all about myspace, youtube, and podcasts. That’s what’s passing as the sexy stuff these days.

But, you know what? I’ve been saying that E-mail is the the real thing for years.

And every day I have more and more proof.

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One response to “E-mail Marketing Wins again

  1. A couple of things
    – I’m curious as to how they separate ’email marketing’ and ’email newsletters’… does CRM in general (i.e. knowing who your customers are) count as ’email marketing’?
    The chart measures which tactics marketers USE, not which they find most effective or what customers say they use most. As such, I dont think those numbers are very useful, as newsletter marketing is kind of a ‘matter of course’ application at the moment. i wouldn’t be surprised to see the other numbers increase substantially shortly.

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