Hello! My Name Is... Pocket Guide

I go to a lot of conferences every year, and this post is a public plea to anyone who produces events with name-badges. And, assuming you do events such as fundraisers, this is for you too.

I was at a conference last week in which the name of the person was only on one side of the badge. I estimated that 50% of the time, the people I talked to were named “pocket guide.”

Please, if you use badges that hang around your neck, print the name out twice and put it on both sides!  And, please make sure that whatever information is on there is printed in a large font. It’s so hard to make a good first impression when you’re squinting to read the name on the badge.

Thank you.

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One response to “Hello! My Name Is… Pocket Guide

  1. No need to print on both sides. I was at INTIX too. Just punch two holes in the badge, one on the left, one on the right. Get a lanyard with two clips instead of one (I think Tessitura had these…) and hang it from both sides. Your badge won’t spin and you’ll still have a place for your pocket guide (which I found to be essential.)

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