Generational Shift Indeed

When the Kennedy family endorsed Barack Obama yesterday, the rhetoric was all about generational change. And that change is no better demonstrated than in Obama’s deft use of the Web.

Consider this:

I watched some of the "State of the Union" address last night, and fell asleep. Apparently the Democrats did the normal thing and broadcast a rebuttal on television right afterwards.

When I checked my e-mail at about 1:00 AM (don’t ask) Obama had already sent me an e-mail with *his own* rebuttal.

They guy apparently rushed upstairs to his Senate office and recorded this: 

For the first time, a presidential candidate is in "my" living room speaking to me about something that happened only a few hours ago. It’s direct, and though scripted, seems personal. And please note out how well the Web page is laid out. The simple and direct calls to action are a model for us all.

We are indeed witnessing a generational change — and this one is in how campaigns are won and waged. We’re seeing how the immediacy of e-mail and online video can cut the press right out of the equation. I’m just imagining how a president Obama would use the Web in this way. Can you imagine a weekly video-blog from the White House?  It could happen – and it should happen.

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