Free Web Tool Friday: Jing

In the past few years at conferences I attend there are sessions devoted to free webtools, and they are always incredibly popular.

Since we use a lot of free applications to run our office, I thought I’d start sharing some of them with you. Starting this week and every other Friday for the next few months, I’ll highlight a free webtool that we use here in our office, or something that’s suggested to me.

Eventually, we’ll publish these in a formal way. If you know or use these services, or have others that you want to suggest, simply comment below.

The first one is, a product that enables you to share screenshots and screencasts quickly and easily. I’m a big believer that people learn in different ways, and I happen to be a visual learner. You may find in communicating with your customers that text may not work as well as a picture from the web or from your computer’s desktop.

The Jing application downloads to your computer and runs in the background. In a few clicks you can take a screenshot, add highlights and arrows. Then you can save it to a server in the cloud, and send along a link in an email or on your website.

Jing comes in a few versions, and you can read about the free version here.

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