Free Web Tool Friday: E.ggTimer

Since the holiday weekend is upon us, I figured I offer you a free webtool that might help with your holiday cooking. It’s a free web service called Timer – and it is just that. When you go to the website, you type in an amount of time in seconds, minutes or hours, and it counts down and rings a loud bell when time runs out. That’s it. No muss no fuss.

The thing is that, notwithstanding the usefulness in the kitchen, I have found this to be very productive in business too. Often I’ll allot myself 20 minutes to work on a particular task, and Timer keeps me from multi-tasking. Or, a staff member will come to me and say “can I have five minutes to talk with you” and I simply turn on Timer. You’d be amazed how effective it can be in keeping meetings short!

And, finally, for all you tea lovers, there’s a variant called which helps you make a perfect cup of tea.

Happy holidays everyone!

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